With a 17-3 and a spectacular interception, Buffalo is now in the AFC Game.

The Sportspedia

The first half of the Divisional game between the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens had few scores. A lone kick would divide 3 points per squad.

But the Bills would unravel in the third quarter with a total of 14 points. The 16th point was spectacular: when they were 3-10, Taron Johnson (USA) managed to intercept the ball in scoring zone and he ran the whole field until the touchdown, which was a psychological punch to Baltimore beyond the 14 point difference that it triggered.

With less than 3 minutes to go Andrews almost received it for Baltimore but Tremaine Edmunds (USA) was there to avoid the complete pass and Buffalo would retake the ball close to the scoring area.

And indeed the score would not move (17-3) and Buffalo now celebrates the best team they have had in over two decades. Now they will face the winner of the match between Cleveland and Kansas City, for the Super Bowl ticket.