A Segunda B team eliminates the La Liga leader from Copa del Rey competition!

The Sportspedia

What an upset! The Unión Esportiva Cornellà eliminated the La Liga leader, Atlético de Madrid!

Cornellà, a Segunda División B team that has only won three times this season, came to play good football from the opening half. Just at the seventh minute, Adrián Jiménez (ESP) scored the advantage goal after a corner, a goal that would make them prevail until the end. And they kept on arriving and being close to the second.

In the second half, Diego Simeone’s team kept on pressing on and at times the whole local team was in the back, defending, but they were disciplined and did enough.

Atlético de Madrid had a player less since minute 63′ because Ricard Sánchez Sendra (ESP), Atlético B player, received a second yellow card.

Ángel Correa (ARG), main team player, dived in trying to fool the referee into a penalti but he was unsuccessful. The ‘colchoneros’ were frustrated in the Camp Nou Municipal, a small field with small grandstands only in one side of the pitch.

This has to be the biggest victory in Cornellà’s history! They are in the Round of 32!

Now in three out of five games in two days, the First-tier team has been able to defeat the third-tier team.