Mexico beat Colombia 10-2 in the first game of the Caribbean Series.

The Sportspedia

Mexico debuted in the 2021 Mazatlán Caribbean Series with a 10-2 beating against debutant Colombia.

Jesse Castillo (MEX), the MVP of the Final in the Mexican Pacific League, drove in the first run.

Colombia responded and with just one hit to Manny Barreda tied the game in the bottom of the first inning. The Barranquilla Caimans went ahead with a hit and run.

Mexico responded in the fifth with a hit from Joey Meneses, who sent the ball to the bottom of center field and in this way managed to make it 3-2.

The relief pitcher Vivas was filled with the house and indeed Víctor Mendoza managed to hold the pitch and he was walked, allowing Joey Meneses to score.

And then Isaac Paredes -who was also great as a fielder- held out for Jesse Castillo to enter as well, thanks to a third consecutive walk, making it 5-2.

José Cardona had an excellent turn in the 5th inning (where he had two hits) and doubled for 7-2, although he was caught running between first and second base for the third out of an inning that lasted more than half an hour.

The 10-2 occurred in the ninth thanks to Castillo, who again blew the fence as he did in the Final of the Mexican Pacific League and this time contributed three runs.

Benjamín Gil called Derrick Loop to close the ninth and managed to keep the score. This time Alberto Baldonado and Fernando Salas rested. They were very active in the final of the Mexican League.