Cherpn, 52, had an accident last January 10 and died while being airlifted to France.

The Sportspedia

Unfortunately the majority of the Dakar Rally editions have had fatal accidents and this year was no exception. French motorcycle rider Pierre Cherpin died this morning as a consequence of an accident he sustained in the Rally.

Cherpin, a 52 year-old businessman, fell in the 178th kilometer of the 7th Stage, January 10. The organization reported that he was transported to the Sakaka Hospital and then to Jeddah.

The Rally organization added: “the medical report revealed a severe head trauma with loss of consciousness. Urgently operated in the neurosurgery department, he had since then been kept in an induced coma, his condition having remained stable over the past few days.”

Cherpin was being airlifted from Jeddah (SAU) to Lille (FRA) to continue being treated but sadly he passed away on the way.

Cherpin was 77th at the end of Stage 6.

May rest in peace this amateur rider that was participating in his fourth Dakar.